Racoons, Do They Visit You?

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Having the ability to wake up every morning is awesome. Sometimes dreams can make the sifference in waking up in a good mood or a bad one. Then again, sometimes things happen while you sleep that makes waking up harder and faster than normal. Such as wild critters. There are all sorts of wild critters to think about. Perhaps a bear may burst through your door just to get something to eat. Perhaps a deer or boar cann get in your house and cause some mischief. But what about those critters that make a home in your roof or basement? I’m talking about Racoons. They are some pretty animals and yet they are some of the noisiest critters when they get in your home.

It all started on the morning of Christmas Eve 2022. It was just shy of Four-Thrity AM. I was asleep in my bed with my wife cuddled up to my back. She likes to cuddle up at my back and I enjoyed it to because she would keep my back warm on them cold morning in winter. This particular morning was a very cold morning as it was single digit weather outside. There was no snow, but it felt like there could have been three feet of snow on the ground.

All of the sudden, there was a thundering crash in the bathroom. Breaking glass and objects sounded like they were being thrown around. Animals shattering and falling around like they were all locked in a ball and trying to fight their way out of whatever was holding them. My wife was freaking out, as was I. I lost both my lower legs a couple of years earlier and there was no way for me to get around very well. Again, there was another loud crash from the bathroom. My wife, shivering as she held on to me was really starting to come apart, but the noise was calming down when all of the sudden, the noise was in our bedroom. Across from the bathroom door.

My wife turned over and turned on the bedroom lights and screamed. I didn’t know what she was screaming about so I turned as far as I could to see, Not One, or Two, but Three Racoons in the far corner of the room, the smallest of them was about three foot tall, standing on its hind legs. It seems they took up and started staying in the rafters and had fallen through the ceiling. Now, one was standing on top og the air conditioner, looking out the window and trying to find a way outside. I yelled OH MY! I turned and sat up in a single move or so it seemed. I put on my leg liners and got both my legs put on in record time. I grabbed my handgun thinking this could be dinner tonight, which my wife didn’t like at all. Her son heard the commotion and came in to see what was happening. I showed him the animals and he hurried into his room and grabbed a sword and gulf club.

We decided we could try to get them all in the toy room and out the window, hopefully safely. We started to try to get them moving when one of the critters got past us and returned to the bathroom. My Son in law got in front of the commode and we started talking to the coon and it slowly moved past me and went into the toy room, ignoring the open window and went to hiding in the far corner under a tote we had full of toys.

After about twenty minutes of making noise and beating on things with a crutch and gulf club, we got the two other racoons moving into the toy room. They both easily found the open window and went outside. My son in law and I moved some thing out of the way and finally couched the remaining coon through the window and outside into the cold. The whole ordeal only took us an hour and ten minutes to get resolved. Now that was a morning I do not want to relive at any time in the future.






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